More than Diets Overweight and Obese People Need Encouragement

More than Diets: Overweight and Obese People Need Encouragement

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This article provides basic information about being overweight and obese. As more and more people are diagnosed with being obese or overweight, it has become more important to learn about the ways to help individuals with weight problems. This article highlights the need for physical exercise, sensible eating, and a lot of encouragement so that overweight and obese people can regain their health.

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Every person in this planet would agree that being fat is synonymous to being ugly, at least, that is what many “fashionistas” and style icons think. As we all know, our perception is shaped by society. Value is placed on all things that pleasing to the eye. Society somehow dictates that happiness, fame, and success are available, in greater amount of opportunity, to those who are “good-looking.” Aesthetics has become the predominant obsession of media and almost everything else around us — commercial billboards, magazine and t.v. advertisements, and all other forms of external messages that highlight beauty, symmetry, and what is often called as “perfection.”

In America today, millions of people are overweight or even obese. Being overweight and obese are different in terms of strict medical definition. Being overweight is normally referred to as the condition when a person’s body weight is above what is normal or ideal per the established weight measurements according to height and age. Obesity, on the other hand, is the condition when a person’s excess weight is already a health risk. Both conditions normally develop when a person eats more calories than what can be “burned” by the body through physical exertion or normal metabolism.

There are several factors that make certain people overweight and obese. Family genetics is a major factor why a person can become overweight or obese. Parents who are heavyset will also be likely to have heavyset children. According to studies, one in three Americans is overweight or obese. This information is surely alarming not only due to aesthetic reasons, but more so, for the impact of this situation to the health of the American population.

An individual who is diagnosed as being overweight or in a state of obesity is prone to feelings of being left out. That person may eventually have negative thoughts about their physical appearance, leading to low self-esteem. Depression can also be felt by obese people especially when they begin to think that their physical appearance does not and cannot merit the approval of others. In many cases, obese and overweight people go into long periods of binge eating to seek “comfort” in food as a means to deal with their depression. Their unhealthy physical condition, paradoxically, leads them to again go back to unhealthy eating habits.
When a family member, friend, or any of your loved ones are diagnosed with this condition, it is important for them to get utmost attention and support. Being overweight or obese may be seen as a very lowpoint in their lives. But with genuine compassion and understanding, they can receive help in getting rid of their unhealthy eating habits. Aside from controlling excessive food consumption, people with weight problems must also be encouraged so that they can regain their self-esteem.

In order to help and support your loved ones dealing with this condition, it is crucial to have good and open communication with them. In some cases, it may be necessary to seek medical attention. Doctors would most likely prescribe the use of anti-obesity drugs. These medications work by preventing the absorption of fat into the body or by decreasing a person’s appetite.

Of course, the use of the said drugs should be complemeted by regular physical exercise and a sensible eating plan. With simple, regular exercise like brisk walking, people can burn more calories and eventually lose weight. Sticking to a healthy eating plan, regular exercise, and a lot of encouragement from family and friends can make an overweight or obese person get back faster on the road to health.

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